Episode 29: "Let's Talk About Sex"

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Episode 27: "Gummy Bears and Dirtbags"

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Episode 22: "The Portrait of a Lady as a Mom"

Books we mention this episode. #books4ever

Episode 21: "The Heart of Te Fiti"

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Episode 20: "Screen Rage"

Books we mention this episode!

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Edan’s Instagram account featuring mothers before they were mothers: Mothers Before.

Jen Gotch’s podcast.

On Being episode with Sherry Turkle.

Sherry Turkle’s books!

The Dangers of Distracted Parenting by Erika Christakis

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mom by Kim Brooks

What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men? by Claire Dederer

Rebecca Solnit on Women’s Work and the Myth of the Art Monster

Episode 19: "A Very Special Episode"

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Episode 18: "Welcome to Holland"

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Episode 17: "This is the Antidote"

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Episode 16: "Living in the Rut"

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Episode 15: "Snack Trays"

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Episode 14: "Thinkers and Tryers"

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