Episode 1: In their inaugural episode, Amelia and Edan discuss why they’re starting this podcast and what the phrase “Mom Rage” means to them. They talk about how their rage relates to their own upbringings, and why the very word “mom” makes them squirm a little. 

Episode 2: Edan tells Amelia why she decided to have a HBAC (home birth after caesarean), and the two discuss whether having a third kid would be a terrible or great idea. Plus, Amelia airs her grievances against Luke Bryan and his dumb country song “Most People Are Good." At minute 26:00, they’re joined by Lilliam Rivera, author of The Education of Margot Sanchez. Lilliam grew up in the South Bronx and now lives in LA with her husband and two daughters. She talks to Edan and Amelia about being a mom who curses a lot, teaching politics and history to her oldest child, and how her daughters inspired her to write a horror story. 

Episode 3:  Amelia talks about her interest in ritual as a way of healing, specifically in the wake of a difficult visit from her mother. Meanwhile, Edan gets some tough critiques on the decor—or lack thereof—in her daughter's room, which leads to some deep motherly introspection. They're then joined by midwife Kathleen Potthoff (25:30), who explains what a midwife does and how she herself came to this vocation. She also schools Amelia and Edan on vaginal resilience and the infamous anal bulge.

Episode 4:  This week, Edan and Amelia talk about how having kids has affected their marriages; Edan shares some advice from therapist Esther Perel. They're then joined by Meaghan O'Connell (26:05), author of And Now We Have Everything: On Motherhood Before I was Ready.

Episode 5: This week, Edan gives us an update on Ginger's room and what it's like to parent with a case of pneumonia/strep. Amelia talks about the Francis Weller ritual retreat she went to and why she came back not wanting to give her kids "timeouts" anymore. They're joined by Edan's friend, Brian Duck (25:20) who discusses his and his husband's long journey to becoming fathers.

Episode 6: Edan and Amelia discuss their improved audio! They then revisit the topic of "time outs," which segues into some serious mom rage at the NFL. A listener also emails them about children's birthday parties. At minute 28:45, they're joined by Rachel Gandin Mark to talk about how breastfeeding didn't work for her and why she's pro-formula.

Episode 7: Edan and Amelia discuss their feelings about work: getting paid for it (or not), balancing it with motherhood, and beyond, and then Edan shares stories about the work-life balance from a few moms she knows. At minute 27:20, they interview the anonymous “Mother X” for a candid conversation about becoming a mother when you’re not so sure you want to be one.

Episode 8: Edan and Amelia share their self-care methods. When is self-care a necessity for good parenting, and when can it slide into selfishness? Then, novelist and journalist Margaret Wappler comes on (32:10) to talk about doing "mini" IVF and what it's been like to care for a newborn while grieving her mother's death.

Episode 9: Edan returns from Italy to face some worthwhile criticism she and Amelia got from a listener. Edan talks about her trip and Amelia shares two books she read: Sheila Heti's Motherhood and Edan's Woman No. 17. They're then joined by speech therapist Roisin Ching (32:10), who gives them some dead-simple yet not-often-discussed advice about how to better communicate with your kids and humans in general.

Episode 10:  Amelia and Edan discuss how they were raised to think about sex and their own bodies, and how they're approaching these topics with their own kids. They're then joined by Kate Movius (at 34:58), who talks about her first son's autism diagnosis over fifteen years ago and the ways he has shaped who she is today. 


Episode 11: Edan and Amelia attempt to answer a listener's question about how to navigate this dark political time. Edan recounts a moment of mom rage and then reads a misogynistic reader review of her book. They're then joined by Darcy Vebber (32:33) whose children are all grown up. Darcy describes what us younger mothers have to look forward to and also one major parenting triumph she still remembers fondly. 

Episode 12: Amelia and Edan discuss Edan’s week away and her son’s inevitable future as a computer nerd. Amelia’s feeling some anxiety about Isaac headed to preschool, and she also shares her angst about her old cooking show: In the Kitchen with Amelia and Teddy. At minute 31:18, they talk to...oh you just have to wait and listen to hear what happened to this week’s interview.

Episode 13: Amelia and Edan discuss childcare. Everyone who has a child needs some form of childcare, and yet it feels like people aren't talking about how they're getting it done. They also discuss Mom Lit as a book genre and read two poems. ("Mom" poems?) At minute 32:15, they're joined by lactation consultant and student midwife, Kimberly Durdin, who generously shares the number one thing she does to help mothers struggling with breastfeeding, why women need postpartum support, and so much more.

Episode 14: Amelia and Edan try to answer a listener's question about how they're handling societal gender norms as mothers and parents. At 37:20, they're joined by Amy West, a single-mother-by-choice as well as a clinical child psychologist and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and USC School of Medicine.

Episode 15: This week, Amelia can't stop crying about the passing of time and the sweet cruelty of raising babies. Edan discusses her family's childrearing culture and shares the first thing she did as soon as she took Bean home from the hospital seven years ago. At minute 28:03, they talk to Angela Garbes, author of Like a Mother: A Feminist Journey through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy.