Episode 1: Edan and Amelia kick off season two by revisiting the word "mom" and how they're feeling about the role right now. Edan met with her son's new psychologist and Amelia found a new poetry collection to love. At minute 27:00, they talk to maternal and fetal medicine specialist Dr. Emiliano Chavira about his refreshing approach to high risk pregnancies, delivering breech babies, and what it's like to perform a C-section.

Episode 2: This week, Amelia and Edan talk about their intentions and resolutions for 2019, and their shared goal to stay off social media. Amelia talks more about her challenging visit with her mom, and Edan shares some big news. At 28:00, they interview novelist and writing teacher Kate Maruyama about what it's like being a mom to two teenagers.

Episode 3: Edan talks about the LA teachers' strike and her writing retreat. Amelia tells us how Isaac finally gave up his beloved binky and how she's started meditating. They then talk once more about philosopher Elizabeth Anderson's ideas of equality and feminism. At 26:45, they talk to lawyer and artist advocate Danielle Fredericks about her Russian immigrant parents and being a white woman in a mixed race marriage, raising a black son. Together we talk about the importance and value of inclusion, diversity and having these conversations.

Episode 4: Amelia and Edan kick off the Mom Rage Book Club with a discussion of Camille T. Dungy's Guidebook to Relative Strangers, and even listen to a voicemail from the author herself! They then share some updates: Amelia went solo to the UCLA Gymnastics meet and Edan has lost her libido and isn't sure who she is anymore. At 37:00, they talk to Unnamed Mother, a mom of two little kids who shares the story of what it was like for her to get an abortion after an accidental pregnancy.

Episode 5: Amelia's kids melted down in a big way at their annual doctor visit, and while Edan did rediscover her sex drive...there were some consequences. They then discuss what it might take for a mother to meet each of her child's individual needs. At 29:00, they interview Gilda Davidian, artist and co-founder of Treehouse, a family space that fosters connection through making art. She also talks about her feminist parenting group, Hey Baby, and how her first child's traumatic birth shaped her identity and her desire for community.

Episode 6: Amelia and Edan play voicemails from various listeners. Topics discussed include heterosexual sex, how to find community, going to therapy, and so much more. At 41:10, they interview Rachel Teixeira, who shares her experience with postpartum depression and her decision to start her blog, This Postpartum Life.

Episode 7: Amelia tried something new and Edan complains about her ongoing pregnancy-related nausea. Then they play movie critics, discussing Baby Boom and Tully, two very different movies about motherhood, made over three decades apart. At 34:00, they interview Rabia Ahmadi, Director of Family Services for Miry's List, who talks about immigrating to the States from Afghanistan.

Episode 8: Edan and Amelia talk about a whole slew of topics: that poorly written New York Times article about helicopter parenting and what success means, an email Edan got about some charter school, Amelia missing gymnastics on Instagram, and Edan missing herself. As an introduction to their interview (at 31:25) with sleep consultants Robin and Jenn from Sleepy Cues, they share how they were raised to think about sleep and how they went about getting their kids to do it. 

Episode 9: Edan and Amelia are both feeling the yoke of domesticity, which leads to a spirited discussion about Mommy Bloggers and any parenting-related content done by women for women. At 39:00, they talk to birth and postpartum doula Karla Leng about how her own birth experiences led her to be a witness and advocate for birthing people and their partners. She tells us about all the bullshit she's witnessed in Labor and Delivery, the power of the women she's worked with, and...what she does with your placenta.

Episode 10: Amelia and Edan play listener voicemails about "Mommy Blogs," medicalized births, and the postpartum body. At 35:20, they talk to holistic nutritionist, period expert, and podcast host Amanda Laird about her new book: Heavy Flow: Breaking the Curse of Menstruation.

Episode 11: Amelia is getting ready for a trip home to Pittsburgh with Isaac, and Edan has news about Bean's therapy assessment. They then play a Labia Hotline call about school choice in rural Texas. At 32:18, they interview commercial designer Cheri Messerli about the small changes she's made, over time, to be a better steward of Planet Earth, from changing her personal care products to starting a compost bin.

Episode 12: Edan talks about her choice to go with midwifery care for her third pregnancy. She shares what she's learned from other mothers--who birthed in all kinds of ways--about how much they paid for prenatal care and childbirth. Then, Amelia talks about a death memoir she liked, and about how she handled Isaac's (understandable) airport tantrum. At 33:00, they talk to actress and theatre teacher Meagan Prahl about her experiences being mixed race, from growing up in Cleveland to starting a family in LA.

Episode 13: Amelia doesn't want her mom's needlepointed Santa, and Edan delights in her own pregnant breasts. Then they discuss some recent criticism received about what is appropriate--or not--to share about their kids on the podcast. As an introduction to their interview with gender and sexuality professor Jane Ward (28:00), they talk about how they and their kids are thinking about gender identity these days. 

Episode 14: Amelia and Edan listen to a Labia Hotline call about how to think about climate change, and what does--and doesn't--help save the planet. This leads them into a spirited discussion about what counts as activism, and how we might frame the narrative about climate change.  At 26:45, they talk to therapist Elyse Springer, MA MFT, about perinatal healthcare, postpartum depression, anxiety and OCD, and what help and resources are out there for those in need.

PSI Helpline number: 1-800-944-4773 (Leave a message and someone will call you back!)

Episode 15: Amelia and her mom had a nice chat about politics and Fox News (whaa?!). Edan is having a rough go of it, from pregnancy-related anxiety to trouble with Bean's school. At 25:10, they talk to author Molly Wizenberg and therapist Ash Choi. Molly and Ash discuss their "modern" queer family, parenting after divorce and/or as new lovers, navigating differing sex drives, and so much more.

Episode 16: Amelia and Edan read some fiction and poetry that inspire them, and then they share some listener feedback on two favorite Mom Rage topics: climate change and gender. At about 26:30, they talk to Jae Trevits, the mama behind Made by Mama lactation cookies. Jae talks about the postpartum depression and anxiety that led her to create her business, the solace, community and direction that Buddhism provides her, and the unexpected(!) place she gave birth to her daughter.

Episode 17: Amelia enrolled Teddy in kindergarten, and Edan attended a meeting with Bean's teacher and principal. They also recount various spring break madness. At 22:00, they talk to therapist Dr. Jessica Zucker about her #IhadaMiscarriage campaign, her work with parents who have experienced pregnancy loss, and how her own personal experience with miscarriage has informed both her therapy practice and her parenting.

Episode 18: To celebrate Mother's Day, we listen to Labia Hotline calls answering this question: how did your mom help or fail you in the postpartum period--and beyond? At about 31:00, we talk to novelist and noted dad Rumaan Alam about writing female characters, adopting across race, and why he loves to cook meals days ahead of time.

Episode 19: Amelia and Edan celebrate the podcast's one year anniversary by talking about what they've loved and didn't love about this show. They also cover going to the doctor, yeast infections, and parents who don't vaccinate their kids. At about 33:00, they talk to short story writer Polly Rosenwaike about her book Look How Happy I'm Making You, writing as a mother, and why she and her kids' dad aren't married.

Episode 20: Amelia and Edan talk about writing: what's going on with their careers, what their work schedules look like now that they're parents, and what they love about writing. At about 28:30, they interview novelist Kristen Iskandrian about her book Motherest, raising her family in Alabama, and why she's drawn to Catholicism.

Episode 21: Amelia and Edan share some moments of mom rage toward their poor little kids. Then they grapple with the abortion bans, and, later, get into a discussion of "natural" childbirth. At 27:40, they interview journalist Dani McClain about her book, We Live for the We: The Political Power of Black Motherhood.

Episode 22: Amelia is feeling vulnerable and Edan has named her yeast infection. They then discuss their perceptions of women who don't have children, and what they thought of mothers before they themselves became mothers. At about 27:00, they welcome back anonymous guest Anonymom, who talks about what the last year's been like for her and her special-needs son.

Episode 23: To celebrate Father's Day, Amelia and Edan's husbands (Matt and Patrick, respectively) turn Mom Rage into Dad Rage. They get vulnerable about how they're represented on the podcast, how their lives have changed since becoming dads, and how they feel about their kids watching TV, going to public schools, and so much more. After the conversation, Amelia and Edan weigh in on what they said (or didn't say).

Episode 24: Amelia and Edan share their friendship origin story and talk about the pleasures and pitfalls of making "mom friends." At 22:30, they interview doctor and illustrator Grace Farris about the ways motherhood has impacted her career or at least the way she looks at her career, and what led her to draw about her life as a mother. She also shares the one intense childbirth experience that medical school did *not* prepare her for.

Episode 25: Amelia and Edan review their Father's Day experiences. Plus, Amelia isn't getting any of the superhero drawings she never knew she wanted, and Edan has some big news related to Bean's school. At about 21:30, they interview writer Mira Jacob about her graphic memoir Good Talk, raising a mixed race son, and what happened in her family leading up to the 2016 election.

Episode 26: Amelia is trying to keep it together... and Edan wants to name her hemorrhoid. Then they play some Labia Hotline calls. At 33:45, they talk to writer Kate Suddes about her son's stillbirth and what life and parenthood has looked like since.

Episode 27: Amelia and Edan discuss their upcoming hiatus and why they need a break. Amelia talks about her writing retreat and how freeing it felt to not be tied to the routines and demands of family; Edan is starting to nest and really think about how she's about to have a third child. Then they grapple with recent upsetting news stories. At about 26:30, they interview pediatric occupational therapist Alexis Provost about her work, as well as about her younger daughter's heart surgeries.

Episode 28: For their last episode of season 2, Amelia and Edan talk about family narratives: the roles they've taken on since childhood, and what stories they might be telling about their own kids. At 31:30, they interview Darcy Lockman about her book, All the Rage: Mothers, Fathers, and the Myth of Equal Partnership.