Episode 1: Edan and Amelia kick off season two by revisiting the word "mom" and how they're feeling about the role right now. Edan met with her son's new psychologist and Amelia found a new poetry collection to love. At minute 27:00, they talk to maternal and fetal medicine specialist Dr. Emiliano Chavira about his refreshing approach to high risk pregnancies, delivering breech babies, and what it's like to perform a C-section.

Episode 2: This week, Amelia and Edan talk about their intentions and resolutions for 2019, and their shared goal to stay off social media. Amelia talks more about her challenging visit with her mom, and Edan shares some big news. At 28:00, they interview novelist and writing teacher Kate Maruyama about what it's like being a mom to two teenagers.

Episode 3: Edan talks about the LA teachers' strike and her writing retreat. Amelia tells us how Isaac finally gave up his beloved binky and how she's started meditating. They then talk once more about philosopher Elizabeth Anderson's ideas of equality and feminism. At 26:45, they talk to lawyer and artist advocate Danielle Fredericks about her Russian immigrant parents and being a white woman in a mixed race marriage, raising a black son. Together we talk about the importance and value of inclusion, diversity and having these conversations.